My first set on the flute. Thx Paddy !

About 5 months ago I took up the irish flute, played it for hours and tried to learn those "Paddy Carty" tunes. Here is what I can do now. I have a lot to learn... The recording is a crap and the sound may be a bit sharp sometimes. You will hear streets and cars sounds because I left my window open. I think there are some moments where I played with a bad tempo and where the flute sounds a bit rusty... But I am still a beginner so you won't mind.

Seriously if you are courageous enough to listen to this recording give me some advices and criticise please... One more thing, don't forget dat I took up the flute 5 months ago and dat I am a french guy and dat I played this set when I had a hangover SO DO NOT CRACK UP ! :-)

I play 3 tunes : Stoney Steps / Maud Millar / Ships are sailling

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    Sounds good! If that is after 5 months then my main advice is to keep doing what you are already doing. It seems to be working. The tone sounds good and the ornamentation is fine and doesn’t interfere with the flow.

    Just concentrate on the phrasing and the rhythm. Listen to where other players take breaths and break up their phrases.

    If you found a cure for your hangover, please let me know what it was.

    Great work on the flute … keep it up.

    Jul 14, 2007 at 4:02 pm