Farewell to Erin

I like to play this reel with the BothyBand CD. That's one of my favorite reel.

I went in cork county few days ago and before I left the country I played this reel in the green field of my host who was a farmer. Dogs were scared by the sound of my flute and couldn't stand around me but a herd of cows were listening to my music in a row. My host wasn't surprised the cows were so attuned to the music. He told me a long time ago some shepherds used to bring together gaggle of geese or flock of sheep with a whistle...

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Come West Along the Road/Five Mile Chase

Same thing. Dats for my friend Tom. Maybe I'll post a recording with him and me playing together. And guess what ? It's a "Paddy Carty" set ! As usual ... :-)


Lady Anne Montgomery/Saint Anne’s

I learned these tunes in Ireland. Here is the worst tempo ever on earth. I just post this set for a friend called Tom who plays the fiddle very well. It's a "Paddy Carty" set !


My first set on the flute. Thx Paddy !

About 5 months ago I took up the irish flute, played it for hours and tried to learn those "Paddy Carty" tunes. Here is what I can do now. I have a lot to learn... The recording is a crap and the sound may be a bit sharp sometimes. You will hear streets and cars sounds because I left my window open. I think there are some moments where I played with a bad tempo and where the flute sounds a bit rusty... But I am still a beginner so you won't mind.

Seriously if you are courageous enough to listen to this recording give me some advices and criticise please... One more thing, don't forget dat I took up the flute 5 months ago and dat I am a french guy and dat I played this set when I had a hangover SO DO NOT CRACK UP ! :-)

I play 3 tunes : Stoney Steps / Maud Millar / Ships are sailling


?/Hut in the bog

Same thing for this track don't know the name of the first tune...


Ambrose Moloney’s/Bells of Tipperary

I know the name of the second tune but I don't know the first one. Could anyone tell me its name ?


Green Groves of Erin/Flowers of Red Hill

I think there is another tune and I don't know the name...


Lady Anne Montgomery/Saint Annes (Paddy Carty)

Here is the part number 6


Paddy Carthy session (5)

I don't know much about this player. I only know he played with a weird keyed flute. He sounds very traditional and I realy like the way he plays.


Stoney Steps/Maud Millar (Paddy Carty)

I will post an entire session with the flute player Paddy Carthy here. If you know the name of a tune they are playing it would be nice if you could leave a comment.